Looking Around Los Angeles

I recently spent some time in Los Angeles. My cousin and her dogs, Melrose and Fiona, were so hospitable, putting me up and putting up with me overnight. It was great to spend some time visiting with my cousin. I enjoyed it so much, we stayed up until 2am chatting and laughing and playing with the dogs. Somehow I managed to pull myself together for breakfast with my aunt and cousin the next morning at this great little cafe, Cindy’s, where I shared with my aunt a Goddess Omelet. It was so good and man did it feel good to get some coffee in my system.

After breakfast I took the LA Metro to Downtown LA to meet my dear friend, Joann, for lunch. We went to the Cathedral. What an amazing structure. From the outside, it doesn’t look like any cathedral I’ve ever been to. It is very modern, austere but tinted with a warm redish tone. Inside, it opens into light-filled, almost ceiling-less expanse. After attending mass, Joann and I ate lunch and visited for a few hours, though it seemed like only a few minutes. We caught up on each others lives, kids, husbands, etc. Friends like that are hard to come by and so valuable. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. She had to get back to work, so I walked her back to the Metro station and she encouraged me to hang around DTLA, walk around and see what I can see. I called my cousin, and she agreed to meet with me there in 30.

So, I wandered on my own. I headed up to the Broad Museum. Unfortunately, it was closed. But on the way I saw the Disney Concert Hall and giggled thinking of all the engagement and wedding photos I’d seen online. I headed back down the hill toward City Hall, and on the way saw the new Federal Building. I would have taken some photos of it, but I was intimated by all the security cameras and signs warning of it being a federal building…hmmm…maybe photographing it was prohibited…I could see a bunch of sunglass-clad men jumping me and confiscating my camera, so NO. Across the street from the Federal building was the Los Angeles Law Library. And up the street from that was Grand Park and the History of US Flags display.

Well, it was time to meet my cousin, and her first question was, “What do you want to see?” My response, “Interesting architecture”. So off we went. What a great tour it was! And I made it back to the airport with time to spare!