VFY Studios is a crazy one-person operation started and run by Valerie Febre Yap. That’s a lie. Val has lots of help from mentors, a husband, and her slaves/children (that’s why we parents have them! Am I right?)

By nature, Valerie is a problem solver. That’s why she became a graphic designer. She solved the problem of, “This is my message. How do I get people to see it, be interested and act on it?” As a photographer, I’m still solving “problems”.

“I need a professional headshot, and my iphone selfie isn’t cutting it.”

“My family is growing up so quickly, I need to get a portrait done to capture who we are now.”

“I am turning 30 this year. I want my kids to see that I was young and beautiful once.”

“I’m turning 60 this year. I want my grandkids to see that there is beauty in wisdom and age.”

Other than that, Valerie loves to create imagery…eye-catching, double-take worthy imagery. Photography has been a gift that allows her to do just that. She is not trying to make you look like something you’re not. Rather, she is drawing from you the beauty and individuality that is you.